What is payroll outsourcing?

payroll outsource

Ask your potential provider about your level of payroll oversight. As the world continues to change rapidly, so do the needs of your business. Whether your organization is in a growth phase or your business model is evolving, change will impact your payroll function. Outsourcing gives you access to the right expertise to handle spikes in demand, support restructuring, or undergo a merger or acquisition. With our handy guide, you’ll never have to ask yourself, “what is HRO? For those of you who can overlook that fact, AonHewitt is known for its outstanding performance management services.

  • Despite fewer employees, it’s still hard on tight HR teams — some made up of just one person — to accurately run a small business’s payroll.
  • Most payroll suppliers have the capability to issue payments to employees by direct deposit.
  • The best payroll providers will work with HR — not against it — to find the best process.
  • This includes calculating tax withholdings and deductions, depositing employee paychecks for each timesheet, compiling payroll reports, and producing payroll registers.
  • Payroll outsourcing also allows access to convenient and secure cloud-based solutions.

For most companies, performing payroll functions in-house amounts to nothing more than an important housekeeping duty; the company itself is expert in something entirely different. A payroll outsourcing provider or “payroll service bureau,” on the other hand, may perform payroll functions and nothing else. If it does offer other services as well, these are likely to be in similar areas. Some think, “Why outsource payroll if I have to know about taxes and regulations anyway? ” These payroll service providers are indeed experts in this area.

Which payroll functions can be outsourced?

Professional payroll companies employ individuals who know payroll processing inside and out. They specialize in tax obligations, compliance with government regulations, verifying accurate data, finding errors and fixing them before they pose bigger problems. As of this year, the average human resources outsourcing company will charge anywhere from $50-$1500 per month.

There are several good reasons for this, which are noted below. Note, it is possible to have a hybrid model as well, where some functions are carried out internally and some are carried out by a third party. This is sometimes known as ‘payroll co-sourcing’ (the payroll equivalent of ‘co-employment‘).

Payroll Outsourcing Benefits

But for many small businesses, worrying about details like payroll can actually keep you from commanding that leadership role. Xero does not provide accounting, tax, business or legal advice. You should consult your own professional advisors for advice directly relating to your business or before taking action in relation to any of the content provided. Plus there are a lot of legal requirements, which means there are serious risks to getting things wrong. For these reasons, many business owners prefer to leave it to the experts.

payroll outsource

A new study from Ernst & Young reveals the true cost of payroll errors. Outdated processes continue to impact businesses’ bottom line. Outsourcing payroll also translates to a lower risk of errors and compliance violations. Instead of juggling every law internally, you can put that concern in the hands of a true compliance expert.

Determine what type of service you want to use

A CMO provider makes payments in international currencies, ensures that applicable taxes (such as Value-Added Tax or Goods & Services Tax) are processed, and streamlines the contractor invoicing process. These processes can be carried out either ‘in house’, or by a third party. When a business contracts with a third party to provide the service, this is known as outsourcing. Outsourcing payroll is one of the most common types of business process outsourcing. When you hire an outside service to manage payroll, payroll is often their main or even sole activity.

The OECD infographic below breaks down the relationship between the two concepts. If you’re in the market for a new payroll partner, start your search by getting in touch with the experts. With the right advice, it’s easier to your bank statement make great decisions to help your business grow. In any of these situations, outsourcing payroll could be the right move. As you can see, there’s a bit more to keep track of than just how much you’re going to pay an employee!

How to Choose a Reliable Payroll Service Provider

A payroll outsourcing partner using a single application can help you consolidate your systems and provides a single source of truth for your data. You need to hire the right people with the right skills, invest in extensive and ongoing training, and have a plan to ensure business continuity at all times. Outsourcing payroll to trusted experts allows you to focus that energy – and budget – on your business goals, while keeping your valued team members paid accurately and on time. In addition, CPEhr focuses on offering educational services as well. Spanning the life cycle of one full employee, ADP Total Source is one of the only HR outsourcing businesses to specialize in first-round interviews. Celebrated for their excellent customer service, you can expect to hire this company for a monthly base rate of $85.


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