Solved: I have an opening balance discrepancy because I deleted a reconciled transaction How can I fix this?

When your balance sheet and bank statement don’t match, you’ll have to reconcile your QuickBooks Online transactions before attempting to correct any mistakes. Sometimes, QuickBooks Online will suggest entering a transaction as a transfer, which posts it to an uncategorized asset account. This way of entering data is incorrect, and you can’t recategorize transfers that were meant to be booked as expenses. You’ll have to undo the reconciliation, delete the transfer, and then re-enter the information into the appropriate account.

Please touch base with us if you have any concerns and questions regarding your reconciliation. As always, we’re here to ensure that you’ll get the help you need. Feel free to update me if you need any assistance in deleting a check or any other transaction type. I’ll make sure to provide you with the best help possible. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the day, deborah-funoutdo.

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QuickBooks Online is pretty reliable, but as with any software, human slip-ups can cause errors. If your balance sheet doesn’t match up to your bank statement after your monthly reconciliation, or you accidentally enter a transaction incorrectly, you may need to undo a reconciliation. Thankfully, there are QuickBooks apps that can help with this, but more on that later. By reconciling cost of long term care by state accounts you ensure that the recorded balance of the bank and your business match. This allows you not to miss recording any activity that happened at the bank and highlights if you’ve recorded anything in duplicate. The practice of reconciling bank accounts helps you keep track of your cash flow so that you know the details of how money is being received and spent.

  • Come and visit us if you have any further questions.
  • I’ll make sure to provide you with the best help possible.
  • This is because the software has the necessary tools for an accountant to ensure the recordings are accurate and balanced.
  • You’ve gotten to a zero balance and you complete the task by reconciling your account.
  • In QuickBooks Online (QBO), we’re unable to change the statement ending date once the reconciliation is done.
  • Undoing a reconciliation deletes all existing attachments.

Only then should you post to the Reconciliation Discrepancies account. Click on the box with the R until it is clear, then click Save. You will get a pop-up warning that your changes could put you out of balance the next time you try to reconcile. Click Yes if you’re sure you want to undo reconciliation. Repeat this process for every transaction you want to un-reconcile. Thanks for getting back to us and for following the steps provided by my colleague.

How can delete reconciliation report

As JessT mentioned, if you have an accountant who uses QuickBooks Online Accountant, you can add them as a user and they will be able to undo your reconciliation all at once. Since you’ve stated that your accountant cannot undo a reconciliation, I want to clarify where your accountant has been added to your account. Your clients can also edit individual transactions on a reconciliation whenever they need to.

Undo Reconciliation In QuickBooks

Reconciling your accounts is an essential accounting task. This is a checks-and-balances measure that lets you verify the accuracy of your accounting records. When done correctly, it also helps you prevent fraud in your business.

How do I delete a reconciliation?

I also suggest inviting an accountant to let them undo the reconciliation. Choose the account and the statement you want to undo reconciliation for, and click View Report. Don’t confuse the accountant view with accessing the company in a QBO Accountant’s account – they are not the same thing. Allow me to chime in and share a workaround on how to save time unreconciling transactions. I’d be happy to help you unreconcile past bank reconciliation so they don’t throw off your records.


Undoing the reconciliation lets you modify reconciled transactions or add transactions from a previous period. To avoid problems, carefully undo a reconciliation and consult a professional or backup your data. Informed decision-making and regulatory compliance require accurate financial records. The Undo option for a reconciled period is only available in QuickBooks Online Accountant. I’d recommend inviting your accountant to your company so they can delete or undo the previous bank reconciliations at once. And this is because QuickBooks decided for my business how I can and can’t manage the reports on their site.

Bank reconciliation is an essential bookkeeping process for ensuring that records in QuickBooks and bank statements are in agreement. Whatever has been charged from the bank account or received (as an incoming transaction, deposit, interest, etc.) must be transparently reflected in the accounting system. Even a minor error can completely unbalance your accounts, and unreconciling and re-reconciling your company files can slow down your workflow and reduce your productivity. Backing up your QuickBooks Online company files regularly ensures you can quickly and easily recover data and undo mistakes, big or small.


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