How to Use an Ecommerce Chatbot for Your 2023 Business

Why the 7 Best Ecommerce Chatbots Succeed

chatbots in ecommerce

By answering all shoppers’ questions and providing them with instant replies, this chatbot is a great help for everyone who wants to save time. No more scrolling eBay, ticking all the relevant boxes, and searching for the best product. Friendly conversations and direct links are the goodies one gets talking with ShopBot. Chatbots can make user communication more effective and interesting. If we consider any business and its goal, the best examples of chatbots we will mention below may carry out a bunch of tasks.

chatbots in ecommerce

Then, make the chatbot contact the visitor when that time is approaching. This way, you can capture the user’s attention and possibly make a sale. Statistics claim that customers in the post-pandemic world have very short patience. Most visitors will abandon the website in seconds if their query is unanswered. Some websites have thousands of clients daily, and many users can contact assistants simultaneously. To satisfy everyone, you must hire a lot of additional human force.

Preventing Abandoned Carts

Chatbots reduce cart abandonment and increase sales for eCommerce websites. Through the customers’ conversations, chatbots easily understand what they are looking for. At this point, the chatbot recommends relevant products to customers. If customers cannot find the products on the website, the chatbot uses cross-sell strategies and sell products to customers based on what they like. AI chatbots’ conversational flow will replicate the conversation of the sales rep in a physical store. Chatbots’ conversational flow starts with the welcome message and helps the customers throughout the journey.

Over Half of Online Shoppers Who Use Chatbots Are More Likely to Shop From Brands Using Conversational AI – Yahoo Finance

Over Half of Online Shoppers Who Use Chatbots Are More Likely to Shop From Brands Using Conversational AI.

Posted: Mon, 10 Apr 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Function Calls allows you to define situations where the chatbot needs to interface with external APIs. Within Function Calls, you need to enter definitions for the function and parameters to pass to GPT. You can also define the specs of the 3rd party API to obtain the actual data of the specified Function.


This enables them to identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to recommend better, high-value value products to customers. Using e-commerce chatbots, ZALORA wanted to improve its support operations while working within the limitations of its current workforce. There are tons of chatbot apps for your Shopify store. Take some time and go through a few of the chatbots available based on your needs  to see what will work best for your business. Websites like G2, Capterra, TrustRadius, and Trustpilot provide user reviews and comparisons of various AI chatbot platforms. Reading these reviews and comparisons can offer valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of different options.

chatbots in ecommerce

These chatbots further frustrated customers by not being able to retain information already given to it. For instance, if a customer was sent on to a human representative, that person might not be aware of the information the chatbot had already collected. Website chatbot pop-up notifications can be used to remind customers that they’ve got an uncompleted purchase sitting in their virtual shopping cart.

What are the pillars for a successful eCommerce CX automation strategy?

A simple chatbot will ask you for the order number and provide you with an order status update or a tracking URL based on the option you choose. In this case, the chatbot does not draw up any context or inference from previous conversations or interactions. Every response given is based on the input from the customer and taken on face value. According to a 2022 study by Tidio, 29% of customers expect getting help 24/7 from chatbots, and 24% expect a fast reply. This is the most basic example of what an ecommerce chatbot looks like. In particular, questions around order status, refunds, shipping, and delivery times.

By analyzing customer data, it tailors conversations, recommends products, and makes customers feel understood and valued. Your chatbot is more than a conversationalist; it’s a data maestro. By analyzing customer preferences and purchase history, it becomes an intelligent sales assistant. Imagine your customers’ relief when they don’t have to endure frustrating wait times. Your chatbot knows the FAQs like the back of its digital hand and responds instantly to common queries.

This is why, in 2023, online shoppers and ecommerce companies will save over 2.5 billion hours in customer service. Customers can expect instant response rates and a live agent to help when needed. Online business owners should insert their business objectives in the chatbots to help make the customers take action beneficial to the needs of the business and the customers themselves. The advantages of chatbots in e-commerce business can vary from one e-commerce business to another.

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