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This includes access to updated course materials, regular webinars on emerging AI trends, and a dedicated support system to address queries and challenges faced by SMBs post-training. What sets Mason Infotech apart is its holistic approach to AI consultancy and training. Understanding that hands-on experience is crucial, Mason Infotech integrates practical exercises, real-world case studies, and interactive simulations into its programs.

McKinsey’s study echoes this sentiment, revealing that many employees harbour reservations about AI’s role in the workplace. Reach out to our dedicated team to discuss your specific SMB needs and explore how Mason Infotech can tailor its AI consultancy and training to drive success in your industry. Choosing the right package might seem daunting, especially if you’re new to AI. A brief chat is often the best way to determine which package aligns with your business needs.

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Mason Infotech stands as a leader in AI consultancy, delivering Microsoft Copilot and Chat GPT training to SMBs. By understanding the unique challenges faced by SMBs and tailoring training programs with a focus on AI consultancy, Mason Infotech ensures that businesses of all sizes can harness the transformative power of Generative AI. Embrace the future with Mason Infotech and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Copilot and Chat GPT for your SMB, shaping a future where AI-driven innovation becomes a competitive advantage. At the core of Mason Infotech’s success lies its team of industry experts with a deep understanding of Generative AI platforms, including Microsoft Copilot. This expertise ensures that SMBs receive training aligned with industry best practices, enabling them to leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot for enhanced productivity and efficiency.


Once IT leaders have decided on the cloud format that best suits their company, they can start to benefit from the many uses of cloud technology. In the fast-paced realm of AI for business, maintaining a cutting edge is both a challenge and a necessity, especially for SMEs. Positioned at the intersection of innovation and practicality, our team offers unparalleled guidance in the AI arena. The introduction of AI into a business isn’t just a technical challenge; it’s a cultural one. Employees, accustomed to traditional ways of working, might view AI with skepticism or fear, concerned about its implications on their roles.

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However, Shilling points out that while AI may be able to do this in the future, it’s still a consultant that will know if a 5am flight is appropriate for a client. Shilling explained one way technology is doing this is with New Distribution Capability (NDC) and how it can deliver a huge amount of choice in the air fares world. In particular, that it will allow TMCs to fully personalise trips and match what clients need in terms of fares, flexibility, advance bookings, baggage etc.


The Copilot implementations we have worked on so far have been a result of direct collaborations between ourselves, our end users, and Microsoft. The Basic Package is specifically designed for straightforward or smaller-scale problems. Often, it provides complete solutions and recommendations to get you started with AI, tailored to your needs. If you’re a business owner who has heard about AI but aren’t sure what it can do for you, or if you have a specific idea or goal you believe AI could help achieve, these packages are for you. They’re ideal for any SMB looking to get a clear understanding of AI applications without a significant initial investment in resources or time. Our consultations are your key to uncovering the potential AI holds for your business.

UK government outlines new regulations to improve data centre security

We provide SMBs with enterprise-level technology simplified for an easier experience. We help a wide range of small and medium sized businesses [up to 300 employees] transform, modernise and achieve their goals. We preconfigure and automate the world’s best cloud, security and application tech to suit the specific needs of SMBs.

Companies will have to assess whether cross-platform APIs, which are more flexible but could have reduced functionality, are right for them or if vendor-specific interfaces would be more suitable. However, it is important to remember that the cloud is not a one-size-fits-all solution. SMBs (Small and Midsized Businesses), in particular, need to carefully assess which particular cloud approach is right for them to ensure that already-stretched IT budgets are not wasted. At Dynamic Sales Solutions, we prioritise forward thinking and equipping businesses with the best tools possible, and AI is no exception. We are excited and proud to bring Copilot to small businesses, and we hope you are too. We believe that Copilot can help small businesses unleash their potential and compete on the big stages.

Deloitte’s study underscores this challenge, indicating that many businesses struggle to find experts adept at AI implementation. While training existing employees is an option, it’s not without its costs, both in terms of finances and time. To stand out, businesses need to offer more than just products; they need to offer experiences. AI facilitates this by allowing businesses to craft personalised marketing campaigns, predict which leads are most likely to convert, and even monitor customer sentiment in real-time. The Segment survey underscores the importance of this personalised approach, with a majority of consumers expecting businesses to understand and anticipate their unique needs. In response to the unique schedules and commitments of SMBs, Mason Infotech offers flexible learning options.

In addition, the LUN Masking and Port Binding features provide an additional layer of security for your data. QNAP smart video solutions provides integrated intelligent packages such as video conferencing and smart SMB AI Support Platform retail, boosting productivity for individuals and businesses. Lirex offer consulting and outsourcing services, complete design, construction and maintenance of ICT solutions and systems including cybersecurity.

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Twinset manifolds and bands will also be removed and dispatched together with the cylinders for safe global shipping. Designed for readability, the Scubapro Luna 2.0 AI computer features a large and bright LED backlight  high contrast black/white LCD widescreen display and large characters for easy reading at any depth. The new Scubapro Luna 2.0 AI Dive Computer is a sleek, intuitive all-purpose air and 3-gas Nitrox computer designed to be one of the thinnest of its kind on the market. By submitting your details you confirm that you agree to the storing and processing of your personal data by Business Leader Ltd as described in the privacy statement. Sign up and find out why our readers call our newsletter the most influential in Business. If we can’t fix the problem remotely we will send out one of our experienced and friendly field engineers.

Harvard Business School A.I. guru on why every Main Street shop should start using ChatGPT – CNBC

Harvard Business School A.I. guru on why every Main Street shop should start using ChatGPT.

Posted: Wed, 02 Aug 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

And while we’ve designed them as the first chapter in your AI story, they can sometimes be all that smaller projects require. Discovery Consultation Packages have often proved to be the complete toolkit for small-scale issues, providing clear solutions and actionable recommendations that hit the mark. Enterprise level businesses used to go for the catch-all solution of Dynamics AX, but what happened to it? Much like NAV, AX went through a re-brand to become Finance & Operations (F&O). However, as Microsoft added a wide range of modules to it’s portfolio, such as HR and Commerce, it has split the F&O modules into functional areas, providing a much broader platform to mix and match capability as you require. However, it is not quite as simple as that; the truth is that there is so much available in the Microsoft offering that it is hard for them to define it in a way that is easy for people to understand.

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So far, we have helped businesses to automate tasks, optimise processes, generate insights, enhance customer experience, finding new value in existing processes. AI can help small businesses do more with less, and do it better and faster. Now that you have a better understanding of the Dynamics 365 product landscape, how do you go about buying the products?



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