Free Programming Courses

Here’s a list of the top online programming courses that include Khan Academy, w3schools and Udemy.

If you’re considering learning programming for the very first time or see how much you like it before you commit to a paid course or bootcamp this list of no-cost Coding classes has something for everyone. Some classes are for beginners while others will help you master advanced skills. All require a time commitment, but they are all free.

For those with less or no experience with w3schools, it’s a great option to begin with free, beginner-friendly tutorials that teach HTML and CSS. If you have more time, consider Udemy’s Tech 101 course, which provides all the essentials to help you get started.

The page of coding classes from Scaler offers a variety of online classes for students of all levels. They cover everything from data structures to programming languages to provide you with a solid understanding of thinking like an engineer in the field of Software.

If you’re looking for a specialized method, consider learning programming in Smalltalk which is a simplified version of computer language Python that is extremely easy to master. In just a few months, you’ll master control structures such as loops and if statements while also getting a feel for the language. There’s also a more detailed introductory course which will teach you the principles and language of object-oriented programming.

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