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Art Therapy Ideas for Substance Abuse Recovery and Behavioral Health TenEleven

An art therapist offers a deeper level of support than you can find on your own. Art therapy can be an effective component of a comprehensive treatment program, such as the individualized care found at Gateway. We believe in tailoring our treatment to the unique needs of each patient who comes to us for help. If you would like to learn more about our holistic approach to addiction recovery, we invite you to contact us today.

Fingerprint art therapy ideas.Contour your hand (palms with fingers) and create unique patterns inside. Inner world map art therapy ideas. In the likeness of a geographic map, create a map of your inner world. To do this, think about what feelings, states prevail in you (“ocean of love”, or “mountain of courage”).

Can Art Therapy Treat Addiction?

Interviewees indicated whether or not these approaches were used in the organization. Treatment programs that used art therapy or music therapy, respectively, were coded “1” and non-users were coded “0” on the dichotomous variables. Extant research on the benefits of art therapy is widely documented, although the research designs limit conclusive generalization. NuView Treatment Center is a top leading Los Angeles outpatient alcohol and drug rehab program.

  • The exercise provides an opportunity to become aware of your real experiences.
  • These two together can make for a great tool to improve mood, increase focus and aide creative rehabilitation.
  • Emotional trauma often accompanies addiction, and even after one becomes sober, unresolved emotional distress can still remain.
  • Expressive visual and symbolic communication allows people to express themselves when words dont work.
  • Treatment providers have used art therapy in addiction treatment since the 1950s.

It is strongly encouraged that one seeks professional help first and then works with that professional to find an art form that fits them best. If you or a loved one are suffering from substance abuse disorder, know that you are not alone. As alone as you may feel, there are many people out there who are dealing with the exact same issues and are finding their path to healing every day. The patient must be ready and willing to try it.

Draw a Zentangle

Don’t be constrained by reality. Create whatever would make you happy every time you use it. Imaginary planet exercise.

art therapy for addiction ideas

Pair drawing art therapy ideas. Try to create a drawing or applique together without discussing the topic in advance. Talking during the creative process is prohibited. Creating of such therapeutic art projects develops self-regulation, the ability to constructively interact.

Freedom to Focus on Patient Care

Draw a picture of someone who changed your life for better or worse. Draw a person who has impacted your life in one way or another. Use objects that mean something to you as inspiration for a self-portrait. Instead of drawing yourself as you look, draw yourself by drawing various types of objects that mean something to you. Draw in your favorite place. Traveling opens the mind to new ideas.

Decide how you feel on a given day or at a given moment. Draw an outline of your body on a canvas or piece of paper and use watercolors to demonstrate how you feel, physically and emotionally. Remember that the purpose of discovering new addiction recovery art project ideas is to concentrate on your unique journey. If you’re interested in art therapy for addiction, there are various ways to find a qualified therapist.

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Rainbow art therapy ideas. When doing this, apply each strip with a partner TOP 10 BEST Sober Houses in Boston, MA January 2024 in turn. The exercise develops the emotional world, communication skills.

  • If you or a loved one are suffering with substance abuse or addiction and want further help, Contact Steps Recovery Centers.
  • The exercise forms an idea of oneself, awareness of one’s interests and aspirations.
  • These simple art therapy techniques will help you open up new facets of yourself, as well as release stress, tension, and just relax after a hard working day.
  • Overall, 36.8% of programs used art therapy and 14.7% used music therapy, with 11.7% using both (not shown).
  • Art therapy is known to be an effective technique in improving mental and emotional well-being, especially for those in addiction recovery treatment.

Then, you can add items that represent your idea of self-care. This can be anything from positive affirmations to notes that list goals you want to achieve. Paint, scribble, or draw your stress out. Choose colors and other art tools that represent your stress and scribble and paint those stressors away through lines, colors, and your creativity. Draw with symbols and shapes. Using lines, shapes, and colors, create images that express your feelings while thinking about why you used the lines, shapes, and colors you did.


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