25 Fun Virtual Lunch Ideas For Your Remote Team

While you may not want to choose an area too niche, choosing different topics will appeal to different teammates. Plus, variety is likely to encourage regular participants to keep coming back. Post-event, send participants an email thanking them for attending. You can provide additional materials such as highlights of the talk, the speaker’s social media handles and website, links to related resources, and the meeting recording.

  • Offering employees benefits like easy meal options delivered to their home or the office will undoubtedly increase employee satisfaction.
  • Typically, employers provide meal stipends or offer to reimburse employees for the cost of the meal.
  • As part of my role as a manager, I kept this awareness top of mind, and spent time reflecting on how to support each individual in their work environment.
  • But because you’re discussing each other’s strengths, the conversation tends to be very positive and affirming.

If your cooking skills aren’t the best, you may want to hire a professional chef to run the class. If so, you’re in luck because Let’s Roam offers a virtual pasta-making class that absolutely rocks. Did you just remote work blog put your team together, or did a few new recruits recently join your existing crew? In either case, you can use our list of virtual happy hour icebreakers to get the party started during your online event.

Easy Egg Salad Sandwich

Virtual tea parties are gatherings where teammates meet up via Zoom to enjoy a cup of tea along with light refreshments. Participants can dress up, display whimsical Zoom backgrounds, eat on-theme foods like macarons and finger sandwiches, and use fancy china to set the atmosphere. Here are examples of interesting remote lunch meeting themes and activities. While you can encourage team members to attend, it tends to be better to keep lunches optional.

Above all, aim for a schedule that encourages ongoing knowledge-sharing, without overwhelming employees’ calendars. If needed, employees can stay on the call after the conclusion of the session to discuss project updates or other daily workflow needs. We recommend allocating minutes at the start of your session for socializing and icebreakers, then pivoting into the learning portion of your session. Interactive workshops allow team members to learn by doing – perfect for kinesthetic learners who absorb knowledge through tactile experiences. Air fryer chicken drumsticks are crispy, juicy, and packed full of flavor.

Fun, Creative, and Challenging Team Building Activities for Teachers and Students

This interest in working in a flexible arrangement is not going to decline in 2022 as well. No question is off the table in Would You Rather just like no answer is right or wrong. You might be amazed by the questions your coworkers come up with and the answers they provide.


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