15 Easy Work from Home Lunch Ideas for Remote Workers

The next big question is what format of lunch and learn you’d like to go with. If you’re interested in remote work and automation technology, the Zapier blog is the place for you. It’s helpful for anyone who wants to enrich their work-from-home experience by intelligently automating their workflows. Work From Happiness offers valuable advice and insights like many other remote blogs do, but what makes it stand out is that it’s the work of one person. The blog also publishes articles about living the digital nomad lifestyle, covering topics like best travel equipment, remote-friendly locations, and even tips for managing your taxes. Leaders from various industries frequently contribute to the blog, providing valuable and actionable insights for all types of readers.

Max from Zapier gets to eat a daily fresh batch of the same food he used to pack for the office. But I also felt like it would be an excellent opportunity for me, and I loved my team, so why not do my part to guide them through this period to the best of my ability? Now, on the other side of the experience, I’m incredibly grateful for the lessons learned. I needed to exercise a whole different set of skills and came away with a deeper appreciation for the work people managers do.

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About 50 members of our marketing team learned this first-hand when we did a virtual boba-making session. Each participant received a kit containing all the ingredients (we used this one). Then, an expert guided the whole group through the process – it really does take remote work blog two hours to make a batch! But that provided plenty of time for icebreakers and general chit-chat while ingredients cooked and/or cooled. The board they use to track agenda items includes a space for each person to add a card representing how they’re feeling that week.

  • However, like anything, remote work can also come with drawbacks.
  • Health Monitor prevents this by prompting teams to self-assess on a regular basis and keep their weaknesses from becoming full-blown liabilities.
  • If you have a small team, you can organise for the company to send them lunch from the same restaurant.
  • It is a good idea to send out both an email invitation and a calendar invite, so that the staff can access the information in multiple spots and will receive an automatic reminder before the event.

The Hubstaff blog is one of the best work-from-home blogs available and an excellent resource for new and seasoned remote workers alike. It’s a remote work blog that offers over a decade’s worth of tips and advice on remote work, including time management, team collaboration, and employee experience. Here are answers to common questions about virtual lunch and learns. You are unlikely to have good turnouts at these events if you do not choose topics and speakers that appeal to staff.

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I’m passionate about these practices, and even pursued a Scrum Master certification a few years back. FlexJobs is showcasing 30 companies that offer fully remote tech jobs. These organizations recognize the value of remote work in attracting top talent, fostering a balanced work-life integration, and driving productivity and innovation.

  • Meditation can be a great way to reset your intentions for the day and reduce workplace anxiety, even if you only allocate 5-10 minutes a week.
  • With remote work becoming the new normal for many, also comes the challenge of figuring out what to eat on your lunch break.
  • The purpose behind these seminars is to inform employees and encourage growth and continual development.
  • Next, brush up on virtual meeting etiquette and check out this list of virtual team dinner ideas.

These sessions also fine tune the presenters’ public speaking abilities and instill confidence. The shift to remote and hybrid work is creating new opportunities for teams to cooperate and collaborate on a deeper level. With the right AI-powered communication platform and remote collaboration tools, your team’s best work is yet to come. Lucidspark integrates into Slack to enable visual brainstorming with remote teammates. Slack lets you create, share, keep track of and provide feedback on Lucidspark boards.

Choose from 1000’s of Options Including Local Restaurants

After all, asking your employees to sacrifice their lunch break to sit down and participate in a company-facilitated learning experience probably seems like a tall order. You can also use event management software to run virtual lunch and learns. Teammates find out more about remote coworkers’ multifaceted personalities and skill sets while learning about a relevant topic.

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Another great way to get your employees engaged is to encourage them to host lunch and learns of their own. This can be on any topic that’s relevant to the team or organization. Allow employees to conduct research and present their findings and support their efforts by providing lunch for the team.

The best way to figure out what interests your employees is to ask the staff directly. Simply send an email or survey to teammates, or post a thread in Slack, and ask for suggestions. One of your colleagues may even be able to put you in contact with a speaker.

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